Decreased sensitivity in extremities

Does anyone find that they have decreased sensitivity in their hands and/or feet?? My EM is primarily in my hands but I do have it in my feet and ears. I've been finding that the longer time goes on with this condition, the less I feel in my extremities. My husband worries about me because I will be in the kitchen washing dishes, no gloves on, with the water turned as hot as it can be. Steam is coming up & I hardly feel it. He's worried I'm going to one day burn myself. I honestly hardly feel the hot water & it's been worsening over the past few years since I was diagnosed. Anyone else have an issue with decreased sensation????

That can be quite dangerous Hotmama. Have you seen a neurologist about it yet?

I don't quite have it as you describe but I do have a hard time telling the true temperature of things because my hand or feet may be crazy cold or crazy hot. When they are crazy hot I may touch something and think it is freezing when it is just room temp or the other way around when My hands are crazy cold I can touch something that is room temp and think it is burning hot! When it comes to water I usually run my arm under it to see what temp it really is before I get in the shower or try to wash dishes. I would definitely see your doctor about it and in the mean time keep a regular eye on your hands and feet for any injuries you may have gotten and never felt that could lead to infections or other complications.

I hope you find some answers soon.

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Yes; I went to the ER yesterday as my feet felt dead, just flopped when I tried to walk, thousands of pins and needles, but painful at the same time.. It scared the daylights out of me..

Man I hope we can figure out how to control this soon..

I am on my phone at present and difficult to write. I just want to ask quickly…does your foot still drop? I haven’t heard of that in run of the mill EM .maybe something more. I am glad you got help with pain meds at the hospital :slight_smile:
I will write better when I am on my computrt.
Take care

No, once we got the spasming to ease up, the dropping stopped.. They thought it was doing that because of all the swelling..

It's better today, thankfully! :)

I know SAB and hotmamma you both have probably already seen a neurologist but anytime a new symptom shows up Like the total loss of feeling Hotmamma gets or the dropped foot like SAB gets it is always best to go back and have another exam or another opinion with another neurologist. They both sound as if they could not only be indicative of an underlying condition that could be the cause of all of this but also and immediate danger as well. Hotmamma you can hurt yourself and not even know it. SAB I would hate to have your foot just drop and be unresponsive when you are going down the stairs or something.

I know as someone living with a chronic condition I usually go to my regular follow ups but I don't just run to the doctor everytime something new happens because it feels as if something new is always happening! In this case however with the severity of the possible consequences of not being seen earlier I would try to be seen as soon as I could.

I hope for both of you it just gets better. I know first hand some of my things just do!

Take care,