How do you save money on medications?

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I was wondering what ideas you have learned to save money on medication.

For all people in Australia, my wife and I became aware only recently of the Australian Federal Government's "Net Medical Expenses" rebate, whereby a person can claim 10% or 20% of their out of pocket medical expenses as a tax deduction. This is over and above normal Medicare and any Private Health Insurance rebates. This is being phased out, so it is important to register before the end of 30 June this year.

I have also found that building a good relationship with one's local pharmacist (at least the way it works in Australia) is important - for customers they know are going to be large spenders and for a long-term, it's amazing how the prices can become much sharper.

For those in US and Canada, I believe the situation often is where people believe their only alternative is to purchase online from overseas. I believe there are special sites that at least can highlight which of those international suppliers are reputable. It's also important to probably categorise items - e.g. those that need refrigeration and/or IV administration need even more care than tablets.

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I guess It depends where you live. I am in Ontario Canada and on disability so my meds so far are paid for. Not sure how it works elsewhere.

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As you know I'm in Australia too. Hubby and I claim some of our medical expenses on our tax each year already -- our accountant does it for us. We have an account at the local chemist so all the medications are recorded. We get a printout at the end of the year and submit that to the tax office too. But have things changed and does that mean we have to now register somewhere? If so, where? I hadn't heard they were phasing out this tax benefit. Is it for real or is it just an unconfirmed 'leak' at the moment leading up to the budget.

I'm just getting to know our pharmacist. We moved back into the area about 6 months ago. I knew our last one well. Not only does it make for pleasant conversations I find kindness and listening go a long way, both ways. I won't have a judgemental pharmacist. They make a trip to the pharmacy very unpleasant. I've never had any pharmacy offer me a cheaper price though. I could go to the Chemist Wharehouse that is around the corner from my local smaller pharmacy, and which is a bit cheaper but it's like shopping in a supermarket. It seems every day there is someone else behind the counter so no continuity of care. These Chemist Warehouses seem to be wiping out the competition. I hope the smaller pharmacy I go to can hang in there and I hope I can continue to afford to go there.


Hi Dkel9307.

I had no idea you could get your meds at a discount online. When I was still able to work my insurance paid 100 % on most of my meds and those it didn't they were quite reasonable. I have since had to get my own insurance and I knew going in I was required to pay 20% but when I got the bill!!!!!! Wow!!!!! I am currently spending 400$ easily probably a bit more every month for my medications. it is killing me. Do you have any recommendations on sites where someone from the US can get their meds at a discount? When I signed up for my insurance I thought.....20% of say 100% would be 20% I can handle that! I had no idea meds were so expensive after having them covered 100% for so long.

Thank you for your help.

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