How does Gabapentin help erythromelalgia

My daughter asked, I don’t know the answer.
Proving hard to find answer on web.
She’s also on Niefidical. She wants to know
how these meds are helping. Thanks in advance for your response!

Hi Bonnie, my simple understanding is that because EM is a neurovascular condition, and also potentially a small fibre neuropathy, Gabapentin which is a neuropathic pain medication will help reduce the symptoms associated with EM.

For example, it is also used to treat other peripheral neuropathic pain such as can be experiened with shingles and diabestes.

Hi Bonnie, Is Niefidical the only other drug your daughter is on? If she is on anything else e.g. some opiate pain killers you should check for drug interactions before she takes it. I was given it a while ago and I am on buprenorphine. I felt really ill and actually was in a coma for 2 hours. Then I did what I should have done in the first place and looked up drug interactions as I did after and found out that the two combined can cause a coma or even death! We expect our doctors to know about things like this, but they don't always so better safe than sorry.