Voltaren Gel

Has anyone tired the topical anti-inflammatory drug Voltaren Gel? I used it when first started having symptoms & no one know what was going on with me but I was still trying to learn to live with this disease & felt it helped. But then thought it wasn't because basically I would have bad flares that would make me home bound for a few weeks & then I would slowly start to add activities to my life & would do well at first & then a huge flare would hit again. I attributed getting out of the flare due to total rest so thought the Voltaren Gel wasn't working.

Well, those who have read my older posts know I've had extreme insomnia for the past month & can't take drugs. My acupuncturist thinks I'm allergic to synthetic drugs. But I was in just a horrible state a week ago. Worst flare of feet ever & thought I'm going to try the gel again. I think it helps as long as I consistently use it 4 X daily about 6 hours apart. I use it on both hands & feet but my feet are always the worst.

This gel was made for those who can't take oral NSAIDS (me) for diseases that cause inflammation of the joints. All I know is that if it helps I'm going to keep taking it. Maybe it is just a placebo effect but I don't care at this point since I'm out of options with traditional medicine.