Eating Ice?

Does anyone find that eating ice helps to reduce symptoms? I’ve noticed that lowering my core by eating ice (almost obsessively) seems to reduce my flares.

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As long as you don’t add whiskey to it :slight_smile:

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While I did visit that particular vice in my youth, it wouldn’t be advisable at this point in my life :joy:

Same here didn’t we all when we were young and carefree. I wouldn’t want to go back to those days though having to go out to work etc. Just wish I could have my health as it was then.

I do ,doing so now, but killing my teeth

Snow cones without flavoring have saved me this summer. I even found an ice shaver online so I can make my own :smiley:

Great idea!!! thank you so much

Is it hard to make?? Where do you get them in stores?

I too ‘eat’ ice chips that I make by putting regular ice cubes in a plastic bag and then beating it into ‘submission’ aka: ice chips. I started this due to nausea from concurrent condition and never thought about it cooling my core, so thank you for the info. I think I over did it at one time and developed burning mouth but now have figured out how to eat the chips without triggering the mouth/tongue pain.

You can find several different models online. I got mine from Amazon for about $30.

I’ve overdone it too. It definitely reduces my symptoms though so I guess it’s worth it.

HI sorry I meant where can you buy them ready made? Sno cone no flavoring

YES, I noticed it does help

I buy them from any snow cone stand I pass. In my small town there are about 4 different stands. They all sell just the ice. I’m not sure about your town.

My guess is that you would get the same effect just from drinking ice water. Cold water empties fast from the stomach. The first thing I found to be beneficial was drinking large quantities of water. Reducing the viscosity of the blood may have some benefit. Chewing ice routinely can damage your teeth.

You’re correct in both counts-drinking water and tooth damage. I eat soft shaved ice which is much easier to manage and doesn’t carry the same risk of tooth damage. I find it cools me much quicker than just drinking water. I was curious if others had noticed the same effect. My EM has only been around since Jan so I’m relatively new to the ins and outs of this disease.

I find that popsicles help cool me down.

Definitely. I used to eat ice obsessively because I was chronically anemic, and it went away when I got my iron levels back up. Now I eat ice when I have a flare, and it does seem to help my foot feel somewhat better. My iron is still normal, I keep getting them to test it to make sure that isn’t the reason I want to eat ice again. And drinking cold water (which I drink about 180 oz a day, ice cold) doesn’t have as much effect as the ice chewing. It is hurting my teeth, so a huge thank you for the ice shaving recommendation!! That’s going on my list!

Do NOT chew ice cubes, you will RUIN your teeth! You need to go with shaved ice or popsicles or Italian Ice, NEVER cubes of ice.

Also, if you crave chewing ice get your iron levels checked, that 's one of the big signs of anemia.