Genital Erythromelalgia need your advice please :(

Hello Everyone, I am a little worried and a little confused. I really do apologize if this statement is a little graphic.

But I would really love your advice and please inform me if you have heard of these types of symptoms in individuals.

From Jan 18 I have experienced red hands and feet with small peeling bumps mainly on my fingers.

This is the embarrassing bit…I also have the same symptoms on my genitals…They get very red and hot and start to burn just like my hands do. Occasionally my ears and face flare and get red and hot too. This all started when I went through a massive amount of emotional stress lasting about 3-4 months.

This happend to me once before when I was 22 I am now 30 I think it lasted a year or 2 and disappeared. This time the flaring is more intense my GP has no idea where to start however he has ruled out eczema or any skin problems. and I have now pushed for a rheumatology appointment. I have found a few articals recently that a type of erythromelalgia can appear in the genital region too.

Following this there have been some success rates following the use of Carvidilol, known as Corag it is a beta blocker that has a massive affect of antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties along with blocking beta 2. It sems to be a very rare occurrence and I feel a little alone and lost regarding this problem.

It is very uncomfortable especially if it flares I just hope I can resolve this issue. I will keep fighting until I resolve this affliction.

But has anyone else heard of genital erythromelalgia? and if stress can cause erythromelalgia as a secondary condition?

Just need a lil hope boost. Thanks guys

I’m sorry this sounds very painful. I remember coming across this article a while back, just pasting it in case you haven’t seen it already

Female with vulva EM getting better with Nebivolol (vasodilator) and clonazepam

best wishes

Thank you for your reply Cat.

It is a very frustrating situation especially when you just want to try and live a normal life.

have you suffered with the same problem ? I am a male, and how long did it take for you to start getting better?

thank you

I also found this article very interesting. It may also help others. However it is very hard in the UK here to get doctors to listen.

This is from 2017, and it is also coreg which is a vasodilator which is very interesting.

I had vulvodynia in the past, which I’m not sure was related to my EM. Maybe in the general sense of having a predisposition for pain syndromes? not sure

I was prescribed topical lidocaine for it, but it burned on application, and topical steroids, which I did not use. I am lucky that it went away on its own after a year.

I really hope you find relief, Dave. Having symptoms on an intimate area is not easy :frowning:

Thanks cat, I had this very same thing before when I was 22, didnt know what it was and don’t know what it is again… Nor do the docs which is very hard to take. I can only hope it goes away jist like it did the first time but I really think it gets enitiated with intense emotional stress. Dumbfounded to this very day. Although I found that article interesting.

I have had this issue for over 6 months now… But I am not sure if I should take meds or not… But did you have red skin on your genitals too? Sorry for being graphic. But maybe vulvodinia is just a veriation of erythromalgia? Or at least a curculatory problem?

my em first started on my vulva as a toddler. of course no one knew what it is… just thought the skin was rash or chapped.

and as a kid… i didn’t know any better either… that it’s not supposed to burn randomly!