Help! Major pain!

For 4 years I've had building pain and burning in my feet. It started as an ache and soreness like I'd been walking all day and a sensitivity to heat. My feet have gotten worse and worse the pain is so bad now I can hardly walk. Its painful to wiggle my toes. Stubbing my toe causes pain that last for days. Sometimes it feels like someone is slicing into my feet with a scalpel. Or stabbing me repeatedly with a scalpel(I've been stabbed w a scalpel and thats wht it feels like). Sometimes I have electric shock like pain that travels up my legs and sometimes reaches my chest or goes other places not too pleasant. About 9 months ago I started getting burning in my hands. now its extremly painful to write this message. I've been to all kinds of doctors and nobody will help me. The most help I've been offered is Gabapentin(neurontin) and the last time I saw my pc he only offered a higher dose even tho its never helped. He tried niphedipean and it made it worse and gave me really bad hypertension. Moving my thumbs is the most painful but I also have a lot of pain in the palm of my hands. A few weeks ago a neuroligist offered EM as a diagnosis but wants to run more test that will take months to complete. My next appt. is in January and I don't know how much longer i'll have use of my hands or feet. The burning pain on my feet is like I have constant rug burn but they're also really sore. I'm worried because for 4 years the pain has only gotten worse. About 1 1/2 months ago I started feeling better for what seems like no reason but it only lasted a couple weeks now the pain is worse then before. Now my psychologist says today don't ask for help but I don't know what else to do. cant write anymore thank you.

Hey, I have lupus, along w/EM and Raynauds (yeah, you can have both painfully hot and freezing feet at the same time). I have found that cutting out ALL alcohol (this is a killer for me) and ALL processed foods gives me SOME (not much but some) relief - enough so that it makes giving up those things easy. Try googling "foods that cause inflamation" and if you're eating any of the listed foods, cut them out. Exercise seems to make my feet worse but if I don't work out, the rest of my body tends to hurt more. So, I continue to work out - I have to adjust how tight my shoes are tied the whole time but whatever.

Tramadol plus a stronger pain med helps if you take them together too but I try to avoid scripts whenever possible for stsomach reasons. Acupuncture also helps!!!! Please try that if you have not. Hope you get some relief soon.

WATCH OUT FOR HUMID WEATHER...STAY INSIDE THEN...I take a Herbal Bath with Herbal Bath salt for my FEET

Sometimes it works a little GOOD LUCK JAN

I have multiple problems with my feet and hand that cause various types of burning pain, shock sensations and other kinds of pain, but it's really manageable now most of the time. Since you're stuck without a doctor's help the next few months, these are things that helped me that don't require a doctor, but I did consult a doctor about most of this.

Magnesium supplements (avoid much Mg Oxide, determine dosage by body weight 400 mg-800 mg/day in 2 divided doses). Helpsmy temperature sensitivity and EM (& prevents my migraines and TMJ pain).. It takes a few weeks to start working. Don't take more than you need. And most feel it's important to take Calcium and D3 if on Mg, and I do take those too.

Metanx (Rx) for 2-4 mos. Can't take these if you have kidney disease. Went on their website to find out the ingredients and dosage and then g0t them at a health food store. Must be the exact same ingredients. Can help heal nerve damage, neuropathy.

Stretches for Plantar Fasciitis. You can find them on the web. I did a very gentle version of these while sitting on the sofa and it did help eventually. I hated the PF boot, didn't help and it burned.

Shoes with aggressive arch support. Dr ordered orthotics but I can't wear them due to EM (trapping heat) and allergies. Birkenstock's original cork footbed work for me. I had to train my feet to them slowly by wearing a few mintues at a time around the house and building up. Keeps the arches from falling (Pes Planus) and causing plantar fasciitis and electric shock sensations. This is an absolute essential for me, BUT THE BIRKS MUST BE AN EXACT FIT. DON'T BUY TOO SHORT OR TOO LONG AND USE STRAPS TO MAKE FIT LIKE A GLOVE. I LIKE THE ARIZONA SANDALS BEST.

Zyrtec and Zantac twice per day helps prevent or lessen my food triggered EM reactions. Some of my food reactions are delayed by 4-5 hours so I didn't know for many years that I was reacting to so many foods. I also have a prescription (Gastrocrom) that helps with this. Keep a log of what you've eaten in the past 5 hours or so when you have a spell of worsening EM (redness, heat and burning) so you know foods to avoid.

Tylenol Arthritis, one tablet 3-4 times per day helps me too. But if on other meds you may not be able to take it.

A.C. set at 68 degrees (cooler in bedroom) even if I have to wear long sleeves or use a throw on the sofa, it helps my feet.

Good luck to you!





Thanks for the replies everyone. I was having a tuff day physically which was killing me emotionally. I'm sure you can relate. Thank you for the suggestions. Most of them I am trying. Right now I think the swelling and pain in my hands is the major issue because although diet does effect me so does exhertion. I know my toes hurt when I when I wiggle them and my feet hurt when I have them on the floor, so I guess thats why my fingers and palms hurt so much in my hands. Luckily I have this group and my case manager is very supportive. I wish my family would be more understanding.

Kentuckian - I haven't tried magnesium but my neuroligist suggested one a day vitamins. I can't afford them until next month tho.Hopefully they have magnesium in them.

Nice Guy, multivitamin-mineral supplements won't have enough Magnesium in them to treat EM. Those typically have no more than 250 mg and I've never heard of EM improving with less than 400 mg/day (usually 200-250 twice per day minimum) but it does depend on the person's weight and whether they are Magnesium deficient, etc. I you just try a multi you cannot rule out the possibility that Mg could help.

Soaking in Epsom salts may be a cheap way to try Mg, although you can't control/meaure the dosage that way. Or you can try a store brand (generic) Magnesium supplement (Oxide), though it may upset your gut a little. It'd probably help the EM if you're one of the people that Mg helps. But there are some people whose EM gets worse on it, so be on alert for that if you try it.

NiceGuyDanny said:

..Kentuckian - I haven't tried magnesium but my neuroligist suggested one a day vitamins. I can't afford them until next month tho.Hopefully they have magnesium in them.

Hey man, just realized you live in New Hampshire. Fuck yeah! I live in Conway.