Does anyone know of a doctor who treats ERYTHROMELALGIA in NORTHERN VIRGINIA, MARYLAND or WASHINGTON, D.C. ?

Please let me know I need one to help me cope with this painful rare disease.

Thank you

Hi Domina,

I used to live in that area and loved my doctor. I traveled to the Eastern Shore of Maryland for him. (He's just over the Bay Bridge on Kent Island.) He's not an EM expert, though after treating me he knows more about the condition than your average doctor. He's all about treating all facets of health, so he prescribes medication as well as diet changes, etc. But what I loved so much is that he will work with you to figure out what helps and what may be the underlying cause. He didn't take my insurance, but it was well worth it to pay out of pocket for the hourlong appointments in which he actually listened to me, took all of my concerns seriously, and was willing to think outside the box. Highly recommended. His name is Paul Beals and his office number is 410-■■■■■■■■ and here's his website:

Honestly, when I kept striking out with traditional doctors who all threw pain meds at me and told me there was nothing more they could do, I was so relieved to find a doctor who went out of his way for me. He's truly a compassionate man.

Best of luck!


Thank you Tracy, that was sweet of you to answer right away. Since I am just at the beginning of my search, I'll gather whatever information I can and then get started.

Hope you are doing o.k.


Good luck with your search!

Thank you Bex

Thanks again - I will certainly look into this - he sounds very promising.

Have a great sunday