Herbal Supplement: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

Hey group, my acupuncturist recommended this supplement for more regulated cooling in the body. Haven't found much online about it's effectiveness. Anyone have any exposure to this?


I haven’t had exposure to this medication since treatment from a Chinese herbalist gave me some of my worst flares and put me off Chinese herbs for life. There is plenty about it on the Internet but I couldn’t find any personal recommendations. According to the people who sell it it can be used to treat an astonishing range of ailments from asthma to kidney failure and most things in between.
Do you have acupuncture for your EM, and if so does it help?

Thanks for the comment Nel. Regarding treatment, I have had a long standing ankle issue which I think provokes flaring in my foot. Therefore, I think the acupunture helps my ankle pain which in turn helps my EM due to less inflammation.