A probably classical connection in theory: rosacea, hence laser?

Could make sense. Having used myself tretinoin on my hands for ten years, I am still figuring out if I may have developed some kind of hand rosacea. Such cases seem to exist. Of course, having not used tretinoin on my feet, how come my feet flush as well, but more mildly, and in both cases, with no pain.

Surely this link with rosacea has been brushed up here (though search engine returns nothing with rosacea). So, could laser therapy on feet and hands help? Give an eye to this:


I may try this.

The team at Xenon (pharma research co. investigating EM genetics) seem to be focusing much attention on a connection between EM and rosacea. They asked me about it and also asked if anyone in my family ever had rosacea.

Hi brm,

here are those livido articles with photos- hope they helpful .

Also, just read your posts. You mention tretinion use for 10 years. Common side effects of tretinoin include peeling, dry skin, redness of the skin, burning, stinging, and itching. The Raynaud you mention- coldness/blanching also found in tretinion use. How quickly did symptoms start? . It also has many interactions with medications - some firstline EM treatments - so be aware of this. Have you keratosis as well as 'rosacea'?

Have they addressed possibility of mild signs of retinoic acid syndrome. Do you have regular liver functioning tests?.


215-LividoandEMplusphotos.pdf (613 KB)

Hello mads.

I've read trough about everything you point new comers to. I already knew some of these data.

I've been using tretinoin on my face for 20 years. On my hands for 10 years. Everytime I tried to stop the medication, it did not improve my EMlike symptoms. Everytime I resumed, it never worsen them either. Retinoic acid syndrome tends to express iyself in the face primarily. The use of accutane, when problematic, always result inrosacea, i.e face flares and torso flares. Those parts are the least affected in my case.

The latest liver tests were OK.


Hi brm,

Great news that you are so proactive and informed. I know it tiring reading and searching for answers - bless you. Im pleased to hear you are being monitored and tests are all fine. Might be a good idea to go back to basics. Whilst we do not all present 'classic EM' symptoms or trajectory , we all have the commonality of heat intolerance. Can you induce a flare? I mean, its as crudely as sticking hands/feet under hot water. Please describe us the flare. We will get to the bottom of this ;)

Hope you are staying as comfortable as possible.

A bientot


Hi mads

Of course I can induce a flare. Let me put my hands on my face for a minute or so, let me play a little piano for 15mns, let me have my singing exercices, or let me sleep a few hours with hands under the blankets. The flares begin with the thumbs and may or may not come over the whole hands. But no pain. I'll post the photos soon since i have them now.