Has anyone tried accupuncture? Experiences?

Tried it early on - 5 years ago - no help. But it relaxed me at the time!

Sorry :)

I tried it several years ago wth no help. I tried it for 8 weeks nothing changed.

not helped with the EM but helps my mood so that I can deal with the EM better-just don't them put needles in your feet-pure torture!!

I see an acupuncturist 1 time per week for 6 months. Acupuncture seems to do nothing for the background illness (E.M.), but it can help if you have a complication : since the end of 2012, about 6 month ago, my feet became red permanently, they were blocked and crisis appeared more often. Thanks to acupuncture, I succeed in healing that. Now my feet become entirely white when I rest, like before.