Amitriptyline Compound Cream

Has anyone tried a compound cream for burning? Did it help? My doctor called in a prescription for some but I don’t want to have it filled if it’s not very helpful.

Yes I did. I had at done at a compound company and it cost me $70 for an ounce and did nothing for me. But don’t not try it. Try everything. This is a trial and error disease. What works for one might not for the other and vise versa.


I did. Paid $75.00 to have it made up. Actually made it quite worse for me. Waited a few months and tried it again. Same bad results. Disapointing

Thanks for your replies! I have not picked it up yet and I’m hesitant to do so since I haven’t seen insurance doesn’t cover compounds. I will try it if summer gets really bad.

It caused my feet to slightly swell and turn red, but I didn’t have my feet elevated. I use Lidocaine 10% compounded by pharmacy and it helps me, don’t know what I’d do without it.

Hi there. Sorry you are a sufferer. I got a compound cream made two years ago and then refilled it because it was nice for emergency flares and also right out of the shower. My mix is nitroglycerin (widens blood vessels)/ketamine(pain relief)/diphenhydramine(histamine blocker)
As another user stated TRY ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Some things work better for others. I have also been on a low dose of gabapentin for two years and I have only had one bad flare since so I am blessed. I wish you luck in your endeavors and don’t be shy to come back for help.

Thanks for your replies, the mix I have is amitriptyline and lidocaine but the doc said if it doesn’t work to try a compound with ketamine. He agrees that one size does not fit all and you should keep trying until you find the right combination.

Joan this happened to my mom too it made her so much worse… Did yours ever get any better after it was initially worsened with the cream?

It did get better. What I am doing now has made a huge improvement though. I am using Natures Love hemp 500 mg cbd grade products. I order them online. There’s a salve I rub on at night and a lotion I use in the morning and drops I put under my tongue 2 x a day. Huge improvement. It’s about $115.00 for the three and they last about a month but it’s been amazing. They come from Colorado. Highly recommend

Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, I’ll forward it to her!

What are the drops and what is the lotion?

Nature’s Love CBD grade hemp lotion, salve, and drops

Thank you for your help.:blush:

Tried the cream maybe 8 years ago after my dx. Didn’t help or hurt. You have to try everything you can. Just be methodical about it.

Using CBD cream mixed with arnica after hot water soak. Seems to lessen flares. Get a tingly face with flares but afraid to use Cbd there. Use lotion.

Works or us mental. Who knows.

Others using C BD cream.