At what age?

I became very frustrated after seeming a dermatologist yesterday. Only positive in her words she calling all specialists to get together to look through photos and my blood work. what she said seemed to be ok. She said for you to get EM at age 30 is very strange and doesn't match what she knows. She said I have to be 10 years of age?? Was wondering what age were you diagnosed thanks.

Don't know if you have caught up with new member Egmoore77's story and post yesterday, her daughter has just been diagnosed at 5 years of age, and we have other newly diagnosed members who have told us they are 70+ and every age in between.

I'm trying to practice turning statements like this by doctors round on them, for example, "can you explain why I have to be 10 years old" or "why do you think I can't develop this at 30" ... problem I've still got is that I remember to do this after I've left the consultation!!!!

I think it's great, though, and a real positive that she is getting a team of relevant specialists together to discuss your case.


I was 51 or 52 when I was diagnosed. Thank god for my rheumatologist who also diagnosed my fibromyalgia.

I was 48. That was 15 years ago.

jewels said:

I was 51 or 52 when I was diagnosed. Thank god for my rheumatologist who also diagnosed my fibromyalgia.

I have had EM all my life and I am 54 now. Got it from my grandmother. It runs in our family. You can get it at any age. Doctors need to get on board and see that.

I was born with it :confused:

25 here

Thanks guys. I feeling a lot more reassured and know that my knowledge of living with this disease is the correct answer. It was my rhumotoligist who actually diagnosed me,also he showed me this website. So when all consultants in this meeting. I can openly say to dermatologist, Where have you got age 10years from? Not sure if she knew much tbh. I have been suffering with very mottled skin. Sore to touch sometimes. She asked me if I was flushing? I said no my arms feel cold to touch? Again isn’t she meant to tell me what’s going on??
Hoping other specialists have got a better answers.
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I guess we all have to realize that this is a rare disease and it seems that we tend to think doctors Know everything . they don’t.
Maybe why its is so hard to get a diagnosis ?