I am new to this. I was wondering how your ER symptoms began? Mine began about the same time as I got my SFN confirmation from Mayo based on the sweat test and marginal biopsy results in July 2017. First, it was causing redness and discomfort from applying pressure on steering wheel or carrying something with my hands. I also got small blisters where my digits meet my palm. Now my hand stays red most of the time and is often warm, but usually without burning. I haven’t had swelling and my feet stay cold, never warm or hot. Usually stress brings on burning.
Any opinions?

Might be a typo do you realise you said ER not EM!

SFN is one of the known causes of EM. There are quite a few things cause it plus it can be primary due to genes.

People react differently it’s not always feet and legs.

If you look around the forum there is sure to be things you will learn.

My symptoms were so gradual so it really made it harder for me to get a diagnosis, the podiatrist saying I had Plantar Fasciitis and a host of other things he blamed my foot pain on. I only notice redness in my hands if they are dependent or in warm water. I don’t notice my hands burn but I would often go to the kitchen sink to rinse them in cool water. Small Fiber Neuropathy does go along with Erythromelalgia but I am not sure about the blisters you have.
I have to stand on my feet for them to get hot. Or wear shoes and socks or even just sitting in a chair where the blood can go to my feet when sitting. When I do sit in a chair and I am able to elevate them…(I always raise them up when sitting), then my symptoms are not noticeable. I do notice I have some swelling in my toes but it’s more like puffiness but I have had EM a looooong time.