Blue badge new asssessment criteria

Hi fellow EM sufferers please is there any one out there there in UK who has a blue badge who is sharing my experience in having their BB status removed due to current assessment criteria ?. After 10yrs I have just been forced to surrender my badge , as I am unable to state exactly what distance I can walk at any specific time and there for do not as it were fit ‘the box’ . As all EM suffers know only too well , this condition is unprecidtable in the extreme . Changing hour to hour and for me even min to min . I recently underwent an assessment , conducted by an occupational therapist , who had no medical knowledge what so ever . He could not even pronounce EM . I presented letters of support and confirmation from my G P and my consultant , but have been informed that is insufficient medical evidence to qualify under the new ruling . I currently take 2700ml of gabapentin plus diazepam and anti depress just to manage my pain but it seems I am able to walk just enough to satisfy the council that I no longer need the support of my badge . This seems like draconian lunacy, and if I lose my appeal I lose what little independance and dignity remaining to me . Any info on this subject most appreciated as I feel very vunerable and isolated Annette

Hi Annette I am so sorry you are in this situation due to the ignorance of the non professional who interviewed you I am really at a loss as to what you should do if even letter's off your GP and Consultant " is insufficient medical evidence to qualify under the new ruling " To be honest I think it's disgusting that the professional opinions, of respected qualified medical practitioner's who have spent many years training are held in such contempt ! ..... I too have to go for a ATOS medical in September and I'm looking forward to it like a hole in the head ... How can I explain what I am suffering when I don't understand it myself ??? My GP told me I am the 1st patient he has ever had in the 40 odd years in practice ! .... I have done all the research and I tell him what medication I want to try ..... At the moment I am on Amitriptyline to get me through the night and Gabapentin 300mgsx2 daily ..... I will increase the dose slowly as I don't tolerate tablets very well !

Take care and keep in touch and let me know how you get on ......If ever you want to chat I can give you my number xx