Burning Hand

Hi I have the same problem, both my hands go bright red and burn my veins can bulge and I have joint pain. How do you manage this.

Well I don’t manage very well I guess I basically just try to deal with the flares . I can’t get any answers except for vascular saying Raynaud’s therefore he basically had no answers either except for try to stay warm very frustrating because I have these flares on and off all day. But in the summer it still there if I get to warm outside they become like this also and my feet even in flip flops if its hot or if I try to clean inside it’s just a constant battle between to hot to cold I wish I had some better news for you but like you I’m looking here to find help or at least someone to talk to that understands what it’s like.

Hi kath I also have been dealing with flush hot burning like symptoms. Veins in hands and feet will be very noticeable at times when my body gets to warm, summer time more for me. My body will get so hot that my skin almost hurts to touch if try to cool it down in winter. I get dizzy spells also. I’m trying new meds to help when my body gets hot. Hope you find some answers.