Can anyone look at my photos and tell me if they seem like EM?

I'm super new here and I am self diagnosed. I was wondering if someone would look at my photos and tell me if it looks like EM. This is my first outbreak so I have no real info other than I was having some other autoimmune issues that popped up while switching my diet to a ketogenic diet. Then my hands started to hurt, burn and itch. They have pins and needles feeling and got dry and tight feeling. Doc did't know what it was and is sending me to derm. I found you guys and think this makes sense for what i'm experiencing. Thanks in advace,.

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Hi Matthewspuzzle.

I saw your pics and I wrote you but I think my response went straight to your page so if you haven't seen it already you might want to check there. If you still don't see it please let me know and I will write you again.

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Hey Mathew,
My palms look EXACTLY like yours. I see you submitted the photos 3 mos ago and I’m very sorry you weren’t responded to. Disheartening. Many of us here have been to numerous Drs who just dismissed the severity of what we were describing. My hand felt as if I had cupped them and boiling liquid had been poured into them. After seeing 6 Drs, In desperation I plugged in my symptoms in a search engine and up popped EM. As I was reading the articles and viewing the photos, I kept saying, “That’s me! That’s me!” I joined for their doctors list and found a group of rheumatologists in Dallas who knew of this weird syndrome and on Nov. 17th I received my FORMAL diagnosis.
This “thing” has a tendency to come in what is called “flares.” You can be normal one minute and the next youre on fire. My palms are cherry red without the burn and lobster red when on fire. We all have varying symptoms, electrical shocks, pins jabbing, heat,fire,burning! ARGH!
I sincerely hope you have found some dr who knows of this thing. I went to one neurological nerve specialist who told me to take a baby aspirin the next time I flared. I started laughing. What an idiot. This was a NERVE SPECTIALIST! Uh oh, I’m gettin mad.
Annnnnnyway, any and all questions are generously answered. I’m sorry your message fell through the cracks. That’s a rarity here. Hope to hear how u r getting on.
Your hand twin (except I’m a girl)