Cardiac symptoms

I was diagnosed about 8 years ago with small cardiac vessels. I wondered at the time if I might have small vessels everywhere, then blam, the EM arrived about a year and a half ago. Last night I ended up in an ER as I suddenly got nauseated, then had a terrible pressure in my chest and started to pass out. The ekg showed some problems with ventricular function, an autonomic dysfunction, which is basically what EM is. Has anyone else had cardiac symptoms?

I have SVT, which I believe can be potentially related to my EM but it started at the exact time as my EM started. There are SOO many things that our autonomic nervous system controls that it would be hard to say that two things are related in a causation versus correlation argument. I’m sure a neurologist and cardiologist would be able to run tests to determine if it is somehow autonomic rather than solely cardiac.

thanks Joe, good ideas for directions for exploration.


Yes, SVT in 2011. Cardioverted twice. Dx with AVNRT and cardioablation with RF unsuccessful (too close to natural pacemaker) so cryocautery in 3 spots. Remain on beta blocker and calcium channel blocker. (Breakthrough beats). EM diagnosed in 2018, Jan. I thought my EM was stress related. Beta blockers took away my energy. Now on gabapentin for EM and rhofade and elidil creams. I am dealing with increased depression and increased panic/anxiety currently. Unsure why, but work is affected and my lifestyle & ability to bring home income is sadly affected, too. Note: have been on an antidepressent and very low-dose benzo for years before any of this started.

I can’t figure out how to get to the EM admin support team, but I have a great find for those EM folks who are looking for a doctor in California. I have been seeing a neurologist Selena Ellis, who not only has several EM patients but is more than willing to see more. She is super smart, and has good people skills, . She is the only doc I know who said she wanted to go to the EM warriors site and get on the site to see what is happening and how to be helpful. She has done EMG testing, biopsies, lidocaine infusions, and uses Mexilitine, Midodrine, and is willing to prescribe any compounded meds I want to try. She said she finds EM fascinating, and yes, help me find a way to get her information to our members. It takes about 3 months to get an appointment and she takes most insurance. Her number in Berkeley CA is 510 510 ■■■■.


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My youngest daughter is 17, she has been diagnosed this year with Neurocardiogenic Syncope. The Dr. stated her blood vessels haven’t “grown” with the rest of her body. I asked if they would eventually and he stated likely but not always. The past few months she gets flares in the palms of her hands which at this time seem to happen when she is stressed. I can only pray she doesn’t end up like me.