Hi there! I have raynauds (mostly just in my feet) and also get really hot feet. This winter I have had recurring outbreaks of chilblains. I know there are others on here who deal with the hot feet, raynauds, and chilblains combo. Just looking for any advice you have to offer. My chilblains do not blister exactly, in the sense that they are fluid filled. But most of then are raised and eventually the skin does peel off. My one toe that has really taken a beating this winter now is very wrinkly and the skin feels different than my other toes. Will this eventually go away?

Thanks everyone for your help. that is one of my current spots. Not the wrinkly one.

Hi there. I have exactly the same thing, and the chilblains stop when winter ends. My theory is that the chilblains happen when my skin goes from icy cold (the Raynaud's) into a very sudden-onset EM flare, perhaps causing the tiny vessels to burst or inflame in some way.

I have found that sudden EM flaring in showers is the main cause of my chilblains, so I'd suggest that you try taking lukewarm (never hot) showers that are as short as possible. When I do this and get out of the shower before a flare hits, I don't get new chilblains.

I am sorry You are going through this. It is the most frustrating when It seems there is nothing you can do. trying to fix one just seems to cause the other! I wish I had some good tips but I have yet to find a good solution for this. When my feet are freezing it seems there is nothing I can do to warm them. I wear socks and warm slippers then wrap my feet ( only my feet) in blankets and it is still just frozen to the bone and white from the arch of the foot up through the toes. For hours at a time I just can't get them warm. While being bundled the same as I have for hours it suddenly starts warming ( usually in the middle of the night) Then quickly turns to an EM flare. It is like you are damned if you do and damned if you don't! All I can suggest is the moment you feel them starting to warm as good as it feels to finally get rid of that frozen feeling immediately Remove what you are using to warm them or a bad flare is sure to come and quick!!

I myself have a hard time doing this because it feels so good to finally have normal feeling cozy feet but it turns for the worse very quickly. It is like walking a temperature tightrope 24/7

If you find any thing that helps you please let us know too. This is a tricky one to handle.

Take care,


Hi Alina and Libby,

Thank you so much for getting back to me. Sorry you both have the raynauds/em/chilblains combo.

Libby, I will try to be more careful in the shower. My bathroom gets very cold so I do tend to take hot showers. It can be hard to resist! But I appreciate the help.

Alina, I know what you mean about the tightrope. It is difficult to control. I don’t know if I have em exactly, but my feet get blood red and feel HOT sometimes for no real reason. They are uncomfortable but they don’t hurt. The chilblains hurt though. It’s just a lot of conflicting problems to deal with. And yes I also need to resist the temptation to continue warming my feet after they reach a comfy temperature. I can be bad at that.

Do either of you use any creams for the chilblains?

Oh, I should have mentioned that I actually heat up my bathroom a bit beforehand so that the water doesn't give me a chill. It's all about balancing the air and water temps just right so they're both tolerable for long enough to get clean. I haven't tried any creams, personally. Good luck!

I haven’t tried any creams either. My Dermatologist just told me to keep my feet warm. Easier said than done when warmth causes burning but he didn’t know about my EM at the time I saw him. I was having EM symptoms at that time but we didn’t know what it was. He didn’t offer me any creams or suggest any to me.
I will be sure to let everyone know if I find anything that helps.

Thank you both again for the replies. It is finally getting warmer around me so maybe these will go away at least until next winter. My dr suggested wearing uggs. they sound like an easy way to prevent raynauds but also an easy way to end up with hot and sweaty and uncomfortable feet! If I find a magic cure I will let you both know. Thanks again!