Cold pool, no flareups at night?

Im in south Florida, me and my daughter went into the pool last night around 630pm for about 45min, even though it was 75 outside the water felt VERY cold. Long story short, my feet felt great in this cold water, no surprise. The surprise was after I got out, I went the rest of the night until I went to sleep at 11:30 with no flareups. I always have flareups at night. Now, I wonder of it was just having my feet in cold water for 45 minutes or was it having 3/4 of my body in cold water for 45 minutes?? I will probably go in tonight if the weather holds up, will report back.

Well, it worked again, did the pool for 45 minutes last night around 6:30pm, feet made it through the night with no issue, also the day was fine so far.

That is great Jimm!

I am trying to remember...It's been a while since I have gone to the pool. I used to do physical therapy in the pool because I can't get any even mild exercise anywhere else. I know I still flared afterward but My swimming was earlier in the day so I was exposed to warmer temps for longer afterwards and did some more moving around as well. I was also exercising in the pool not just soaking so that may have made a difference too.

Did you just kind of relax in the pool or did you swim around a bit? Were you even mildly active afterwards before bed such as walking around like a trip to the store ,doing dishes or cooking? Please let us know if you continue to do this and it continues to keep the flares away.

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I didnt move around in the pool alot and afterwards I didnt do a whole lot, it was nice not dealing with this for 2 days, I did not get to the pool tonight due to the weather, temps down to 58, winding and light rain. It will warm back up to the mid 70's low 80s this week so I will be doing it again.

I am glad you are getting some relief and s sorry you can't go tonight. I have always swam earlier when I am not immediately laying down and I have always moved around in the pool because that was my purpose in going. I will try going later in the evening and just relaxing and see if I just might have a good night too!

Thank you so much for sharing this great tip!

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Hi everyone

I havent swum for a couple of years ( we moved away from the beach) but I used to find a dip in cool harbour or ocean water would cool me down for at least a few hours after. It did not matter if I was swimming or not. My skin would feel beautifully cool when I got out. It was time of immersion that was the facor for me. It used to take about 20 minutes of immersion to achieve the lasting cool feeling. I did not get the same results from an indoor pool. It seems any heating, even heating that other people are complaining about being too cool, will exacerbate my EM andIi have to get out of the pool because it is too hot for me and then I will continue to flare and be miserable. Heated or chlorinated pools now give me hivestoo. I often have hives now. They are part of the riddle which is POTS, EM, mast cell overaction. All three conditions appeared at the same time. Migraines also became much worse than I was used to, around the same time.

I keep promising myself I will go for a swim but with no car it is just not practical for me. A

I am always looking at ways to move somewhere that only means a short walk to the beach :).