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Cool tips: How members manage flares

Please always protect your skin from water and extreme cold and always take care using electrical appliances, especially around water.

Short/quick immersion in a cold/cool bath.
Cool shower or showers several times a day in hot weather.
Spraying cool shower over knees, shins and feet.
Wet affected area with cool water and leave to evaporate.
Cool water bath with affected hand(s)/feet protected by plastic bags.
Go for a swim in a cool pool.
Stand in the rain or under a hosepipe or sprinkler.

Cloths, clothing and footwear:
Soak cotton sheet/pillow case in cold water, wring out well, and wrap around yourself or affected limb. Position yourself under a fan - full on.
Bare feet or flip flops, even in winter.
Walking barefoot on tiled floors.
Wet cloths.
Refrigerated flip flops.
Strip off and wear just a short silky dressing gown.
Silk clothing, sheets and pillow cases.

Fans, fans and more fans. Electric and portable battery hand-held fans.
Air-conditioning / portable air-conditioning unit.
Ice pack stood in front of fan directed at flaring area.
Stable cool environment.
Keeping room temperature below 20°C.
Take a drive in the car with A/C on.

Magicool or other freeze spray, cream or gel.
Refrigerated wheat bags / gel packs.
Wine bottle cooler,  frozen rice sock,  ice pack (skin carefully protected).
For the face a cooling mask for reducing puffiness.
Holding your hands around a metal aerosol can.
Visualisation practice, thinking of cold things, cold places and cool feet.

Go to the freezer and open it, then take a long time to get the icecream out. Hold the tub in your hands for a while then eat your fill, taking as long as you can for maximum cooling. If there is any icecream left (why?) take your time loading it back into the freezer.

Cold therapy: Member tried cooling products available e.g. socks, sandals, towels, chillows etc.

NatraCure socks

Laptop cooling fan

Chilly pad

Cold therapy unit

Ice shoes/flip flops


Cooling towels