Has anybody had any success with Cymbalta?

Hi Jason im due to start it tomorrow as had to wait till I was weaned off amitriptyline so hopefully I can get back to you soon and say yes. Have you been on it long ?

HI Jason.

I've had some success with Cymbalta in combination with Lyrica. They work synergistically for me. We titrated the dose so that I'm only taking 15mg once/day (a very small dose--1/2 of the lowest dose available in Canada). I'm also on a very low dose of Lyrica (106 mg/day divided into 5 doses throughout the day). Both of these drugs have some troubling side effects, but keeping the dose low has helped me avoid those for the most part.

I use a compounding pharmacy to create the smaller doses. But you can also do what I did when I was titrating Cymbalta slowly and do it pellet by pellet (I started with only 5 pellets and over 3 months went up to 150 pellets).

Best wishes--hope it works for you.


I've been on 60 mg of Cymbalta for 5 years, and my EM has become progressively worse. It helped my Migraines, though, so I continue to take it.

My Rheumy has me on 60mg twice a day, it has helped with the pain someā€¦
It was a little difficult at first with the side effects, but getting better.

Hi Jason, I have been on cymbalta for the past year or so. It is one of the few things that had an immediate effect. The other I had sucfess with is LDN or low dose naltrexone 4.5mg. Hope this helps, all the best, Mal

Hi Jason, Yes, I have been taking 30 mg of Cymbalta in the morning and 300 mg of Gabapentin.

At night I take 600 mg of Gabapentin 650 mg of Tylenol, and 1 mg of Clonazepan for the RLS.
which I also have.

I have been taking this combination from at least 10 months, it does not stop the flair up if I go out
and is hot or cold or if the stress level go up. Also by 7 p.m my feet hurts, they go from red to purple
and I have to seat and put my legs up. Definitely the Cymbalta helps, because last Summer I was not
able to walk because of the pain even though I was taking the Gabapentin.

Hope this help.