Cyotec/Misoprostol - Anyone Use This Med?

Has anyone used Cyotec (generic name Misoprostol) for their erythromelalgia? If so, did it help? Any side effects? It’s been suggested to me by my dermatologist but it’s pricey.

Hello Rachel,
I do not have have experience with this drug but if you use the search key and type in Misoprostol you will find past conversations on this drug.
Best wishes to you finding some relief!

Hi. Yes, I tried it a few years ago but I got bad nausea and indigestion and generally felt horrible. I probably didn’t take it long enough to see if it was effective but for the time I took it, it was not effective.

Strange timing, I just started this medication a few days ago (100 mg twice daily --> then 200 mg twice daily --> 400 mg twice daily target dose). Standard trial is about 6-7 weeks - no side effects yet. Can let you know in a couple of months.