Diagnosed but don't know what next step is

Thanks for adding me to the group. Here's my story: I was diagnosed with EM 7 years ago by my dermatologist after I noticed my hands were bright red while trying on white wedding dresses. In retrospect, I'd been cooling my hands off on my car window as I drove home from work each night but never really paid attention to it.

My EM flared up now and again, but honestly, it was about 8 times in the last 7 years. The past two weeks, I've had a flare every single day - for most of the day. It's mostly in my hands but sometimes on my ears. It's winter here, and the temperatures are cold. I don't have any new stress, and my eating hasn't changed much. In fact, I've been eating Whole30 for the past month (fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and eggs, etc). I have felt some weird pain on my left side that feels like it might be my heart. I also have some pressure in my chest.

So, where do I go from here? When I told my primary doctor about the EM diagnosis years ago, she had to look it up. I understand there is primary and secondary. What kind of tests should I have done to rule out any other diseases? What kind of doctor should I be looking for? By the way, about 5 years ago while trying to get pregnant, I had a huge blood workup done. I tested positive for autoimmune factor (ANA), but negative for the most common autoimmune diseases (RA, Lupus, etc). I just don't know where to turn to now.

With the pain in my chest, I thought I'd seek out a cardiologist. Would they know about this - especially if it's a bloodflow thing?

Thanks for any help!