Discount on Electric Bill

I wanted to let everyone know that I receive a discount on my electric bill because I have a condition that necessitates I leave the air conditioner on all the time. I live in San Diego County and it was a form I got from San Diego Gas & Electric. I filled out part of it and my doctor had to sign it also. It keeps my electricity in the tier 1 which is much cheaper than tier 2 & 3. I can now keep my air conditioner at a lower temp without feeling guilty. Check out your local Gas & Electric and see if they offer a similar discount!!

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Wow that’s awesome, I live in Washington. I will definitely look into it.

You really are blessed by SDGE to keep you in the first tier due to the approved medical condition. I too signed up for this ‘benefit’ but I live in Central California and Pacific Gas and Electric could care less, I still go to the 2nd tier (they changed it so now only 2 tiers in order to charge everyone more) and the ‘benefit’ I get is a total of $15.00 off my bill which was over $600.00 this past billing period. I had to leave my AC on at 75 degrees 24/7 during the continual 24/7 triple digit weeks we had but no choice, I cannot handle the heat,t so had to pay the big bucks. PG&E is a racket and there is talk about them increasing the prices even more resulting in lower income ppl having to carry the higher costs. My brother worked for SDG&E years ago…good company :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear your bill is so high. We also use a whole house fan if it cools down at night, which brings in cool air and pushes out warm through vents in rafter area of the roof. We also installed a split unit in the master bedroom (we have a Fugitsu). I can turn off central air at night and just run the small air conditioner in the bedroom which gets so hot as it faces west. Hope these suggestions help :slight_smile: