Do you have any of these EM related diseases?

Graphical network of the top 20 diseases related to Erythromelalgia:

Hypercholesterolemia right here… But it was only after I got my lipids under control (after their being high since childhood) that EM popped up.

This is a really cool graphic, by the way. Thanks for posting.

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This is pretty cool Mads. I don't know how I missed this post before!

I don't have any diagnosis of sorts but we do have suspicions ( undiagnosed ) For Lupus Or other Autoimmune Behcett's ,Vasculitis suspicions. Very interesting graph. Thank you so much for sharing it!

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I have been a migraine sufferer for about many many years. I was very intrigued to see that it was on this diagram. Thanks for posting it.

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I thought it just simplified everything.


Also thanks! I have a little vasculitis, wondered if there might be a connection, searched LWE, and bingo! I'll definitely mention this to my rheumatologist.


Yep! I have Lupus and hypertension. But perhaps Lyme disease should be added to this picture, it's amazing the number of Lyme patients I know with EM.

PS I do have Lyme disease, too.

Small fiber polyneuropathy here!

Yes clarissajo. I see a lot of people with Lyme disease and makes me wonder if there are even more with Lyme disease and EM but the EM is still undiagnosed.
I myself have an undifferentiated connective tissue disorder. We don’t know the specific type but my rheumatologist is confident it’s a connective tissue disorder with a neuro vascular instability.there is definitely a neurological and vascular component to b whatever it is.
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Small fiber neuropathy, also Hashimoto's and some sort of connective tissue disorder.

Nice chart, but I am surprised that autonomic neuropathy or POTS are not listed.

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Not that I know of.

Tullilou, I notice that the chart lists just "neuropathy," so maybe that's supposed to include autonomic? And by the way, "diabetic neuropathy" is an odd category since it's another associated disease or cause, not a type of neuropathy.

I have axonal neuropathy, as well as (nondiabetic) small-fiber neuropathy. One of our moderators posted a while ago that small-fiber neuropathy is sometimes regarded as synonymous with erythromelalgia.

I have peripheral and autonomic neuropathy as well, I agree that they should be listed.

Alina, you're probably right... many doctors who treat Lyme have never heard of EM. And EM is definitely associated with more connective tissue disorders than just lupus.

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This is interesting thank you for sharing this I'll have to keep the website in mind.

Hi all!

I didn’t make the chart but I am sure it can be updated with more conditions related to EM and this couldn’t be done without your input so thank you so much! We will have to just make our own chart based on the experiences ofvthose here! Hopefully we will hear from others as well that have conditions not listed so we can update it with more accuracy. That’s pretty much the reason for this post. So please keep them coming both conditions listed and not listed would me much appreciated!
I’m not sure if the neuropathy category was suposed to include all forms of neuropathy but I would think so. Just as the lupus category should probably include all connective tissue /autoimmune disorders.

Thank you all for your replies.

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