Does your EM flare on both sides?

I’ve noticed that when I flare both my hands and both my feet get red and got. (I posted some pix). Looking at some of the other pictures users have posted I see that some only have one foot or one hand that’s affected? For those with only 1 side- has it always only been one side that flares? Those with both sides- was it always both sides? And both- are you primary or secondary?

I get it both ways. I think for the most part It is both sides and started wit both sides but I get times with just one hand or foot. I think when it is brought on by activity or a warm place it is always both sides. Every evening though regardless of the temp even with my home at 63 degrees I get flaring on my hands, feet face, and knees. When this happens in my cool home just resting that is when it will be just one pesky foot or hand or just one side of my face. For some reason my knees have always 100% of the time been both. I am not sure if mine is primary or secondary but most likely secondary. We are still looking for a definitive cause.

Sorry...I don't think I was much help!

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I just wanted to see how many people have one side or two :slight_smile: have you tried taking aspirin before evening time hits Alina?

Yes. Well not just before evening. I take it when I get up in the morning but maybe I should postpone till the afternoon and see if that helps. Thank you so much for the tip! I will let you know if it helps.
Thanks again.

Hi, I get it mostly both sides but occasionally I will get it in a random spot -no mirror effect.