Does your EM look like this?

Dear all,
I am new to the website, but not to the disease. I received an initial diagnosis of erythromelalgia 5 years ago. While it was quite stable for few years, symptomes started to get worse this year again… I get flares around 5-10 times a day and they usually last for around 30 minutes. In case they are triggered by alcohol/exercice, they last for much longer on my face and ears.I saw somes pictures on this website where the feet/knees appear dark red/purple. My knees and feet never look purple so I am wondering whether I received the right diagnosis. Does your EM look like mine ? I upload some recent pictures. I would be really happy to hear your thoughts.

My EM is strictly in my feet and looks similar to yours when the flare initially starts (somewhat patchy), if I can cool down and elevate them in time it’ll subside.

Triggers are the same as well

My EM is in my feet x 4 yrs now, and recently started in my hands. My feet look like yours at the start of a flare, always at night, 3+ x daily. My hands have redness kind of like yours but less and rarely burn so far. I hope you find relief.

Hi, yes my feet look exactly like that during a flare maybe a bit redder and sometimes swollen. Mine never get to purple either. I think I’ve had this for a number of years with mild symptoms looking back. I’ve had many autoimmune problems for 3 years and made this really flare. I usually get a “heads up” when I’m going to start with itchy feet.

Yes, I have pictures like you but probably redder and more swollen. I also have big blood vessels clearly sticking out.
If the pain is out of proportion to the redness, then maybe SFN diagnosis.
In other (em) groups I’ve seen comparable pics to yours, but generally I notice the blood vessels sticking out more in hands/feet.