I was prescribed oral doxycycline. Within 45 minutes I was having a terrible flare (the worst I’ve had in months). Anybody had anything similar?

I found out it also gets my asthma going - which is known I guess.

I’m sorry to hear this has happened :frowning:
For myself any antibiotics I’m prescribed cause my EM to flare. Hopefully you can find one that doesn’t :heart:

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I’ll keep you posted!

Please do ! I’d be interested to find one that isn’t a problem

emhelp , EM is a neurovascular disease. It affects blood flow and nerves . Antibiotics are used to treat bacterial conditions and sometimes for bronchitis or other off uses. The more traditional approach would be anti-psychotics , anti-depressants NOT antibiotics . EM is sensitive to aspirin . You have to give us more info with pix of your condition , to even guess. goat

Actually I am taking it for dental issues. This antibiotic is different- I usually take arithromyacin. Keflex did not cause a problem; it’s just I have taken a lot of it and need to pause. So taking doxycycline one evening caused me a big flare.