Dr. Appt

Went to the doctor yesterday and just as I suspected she wasn’t into discussing it… She had no clue what EM is and without pictures it was hard to prove… Guess its time for me to go run 4 miles again and wait for it to happen, so I can capture it on camera this time. However don’t get me wrong I’m very thankful for not having an episode!

Hi Olivia, Maybe if you went to a website that would impress a doctor, like the Mayo Clinic's, or the National Organization of Rare Diseases, and printed out all they have to say on EM and how to diagnose and treat it, and give those to your doctor, they would pay attention and look farther into it all.

If it takes running 4 miles to get a flare-up, you might only be barely on the edge of what EM really is. When/if your symptoms become more predictable, often and intense, then the doctor will be able to witness them for herself. Much of the diagnosis is based on observing the symptoms in a flare-up. Either you will rarely have symptoms, or they will increase. Hope for the first.

Good luck to you, Jane