Dr in So Cal w EM


have not met him

but some great info on his site

i love jay cohens articles. very straight forward and he seems awesome. i am hoping to seem him next winter or sooner

and I have to ask the Doctor, if I am on high blood pressure meds and have polythemia vera, how can I stop the increase in blood as I have high blood pressure which is required and the polythemia vera which is somehow associated with erythromelalgia increases the production of red blood cells requiring me to have a theraputic phlebodomy at the same time. I stopped taking Nifidipine as the article I read stated that this was one of the meds that could be the cause of this disease and am now on something else. I just did this a few days ago and now it seems my feet burn more with not activity and feel better when I walk. This disease is the most confusing thing I have ever encountered.

I have not met him either

his office or phone consults are more than I can afford