Electro Stimulation........ not an option

I'm being treated for my erythomelalgia at university based health care provider. They had been instrumental in making my initial diagnosis worked aggressively with me looking for various treatment options. We decided to try electro stimulation based on positive results with other types of pain therapy. Although electro stim would be deemed experimental by my insurance company they worked with me and my insurer to try a trial procedure.

Earlier this month they placed electrodes in my spinal column, after the electrodes were in place specifically modulated electric current was passed down through the electrodes in an attempt to intercept, if you will, the pain signals.

We could find no evidence that this had been previously tried in any of the medical journals. I wish I could report that the procedure was successful, but unfortunately that's not the case. Instead of diminishing the pain signals it hyper stimulated the nerves. The next several hours and went through some of the most severe pain I've ever had in my life. Even though it didn't work I'm glad I tried. Paraphrasing Thomas Edison after a failed experiment trying to create the first light bulb.?....the experiment didn't fail, we now know another way that it doesn't work. I am encouraging the institution to publish the results on a technical level for one of the journals or failing full publication posting the infomation for physician use. Physicians don't like to publish failed tests, I understand why but I hope and believe they will do so, so someone else may not have to go through this to find it is another way that doesn't work.

If anyone was like any more specific information please feel free to let me know.

God bless.