EM causes

So I got sunburnt so bad to the point I was bleeding and then I got EM after a little while the sunburn went away, I was wondering if that has happened to anyone else?

Ouch! I’m so sorry Jacob.
I haven’t had this experience with the sun burn but when my EM has lasted long periods of time with no episodes of reprieve I developed sores all over my feet and had toenails fall off.
Maybe it’s similar but your sunburn just sped up the process because your burning was so intense. It sounds horrible. Once again I’m so sorry.
Take care

Thx Alina yea it was bad but my toenails didn’t fall off that sounds even worse

Hi Jacob,

Have you been officially diagnosed with EM? Sunburn doesnt actually cause EM, although pain can be described as such. How did you get so badly sunburnt - oh my how awful!

Have you a heat allergy? By that I mean does heat cause you to flare?

We would love to hear more of your story.

Hope you are 'comfortable' at the moment

Big hug

I am glag some one tried asprin and it did not know it would work because told to use it since my DR thought EM might be an Inflamatory problem due to some allgeric reaction But I can not use Asprin since they gives me a bloody nose My main solution is using Walgreen Ice packs at night the large one with the slightly insulated bag on it, they stay cold most of the night and so I get a good night sleep. Wiz John

I have not been officially diagnosed with EM yet but I have all of the symptoms of it and they act up with heat and physical activity, maybe the sunburn wasn’t the cause for it but it’s the only thing I can think of. Also I read that people get EM sometimes after an injury and the sunburn was horrible I couldn’t stand up or be exposed to the sun for a while and they were a bloody mess