EM in palms of hands

Hi all. I have Had very active EM about 5 years on most of my body at various times but never on the palms of my hands till yesterday. It was sudden when washing my hands at the typical temp I usually do. It was some of the worst burning pain I’ve had yet.
Does anyone else get EM on your palms?
It’s tricky too because you can’t let your hands relax because one burning part like the upper part of Palm touches the bottom part of hand and the warmth from them touching increases the burning. Does this make since? All I could do is hold a refrigerated bottle of water to cool it but after some time it is hard to keep holding it and I just want to relax my hand.
Does anyone have a better method for treating palm flares?
Thank you. :slight_smile:

Cold soda cans grabbed in hands (you told me that one :)

Ice packs in towels

My favourite - damp cloth wrap and under that full blast fan

My other favourite - cold water immersion therapy.

Nel will say eat ice cream (wont you nel ;))

Palm flares are horrible. Totally incapacitating.Ouch!

Big big hug amiga!


Anything out of the freezer, putting my palms on tile floor, my daughter put a cold quarter on my hand last night during the flare it was cute. Cold water, wet wash cloths and a fan, holding cold soda cans, using a spray bottle, I recently found that I’d my feet are flaring while driving to put unscented baby wipes on the floor and pedals. They are thin enough to still feel the ridges of the pedals and do not slip off or cause my feet to slip. Best of luck to you honey!

Hi Alina,

So sorry to hear that your palms are burning. Such an awkward place, and I know it can be painful and super-itching.

My cooling-system won't work for most people here: I wrap my burning palms around my freezing feet, till they both reach the right temperature. My other methods are already mentioned: a cold soda can, and touching cold tiles. Or I blow with my mouth on my hands.

Cool greetings, Willemijn

i tend to have it on the tops of my hands and on the palms. i found that using a fan or putting a metal bottle in the freezer and holding it when the pain starts helps me the best. if those are not available try waving your hands around or put them in the grass

My hands suffer more in flares than my feet during the day. Feel like someone tied a belt to top of my arm near shoulder as tight as possible. The throbbing veins, swelling red palms. To be honest every finger struggles as the veins swell that bad, I can’t bend finer joints. Ice pops wrapped in thin tea towel wedged between fingers. Even if elevated it doesn’t stop burning just helps with swelling. I find this so hard to deal with as can’t fasten my kids buttons for school on polo shirts ect. Life changing horrible disease it is. Hope you find some comfort x x

I was very disappointed when the EM symptoms started in my hands. Unofficially diagnosed, I knew then I had it.

I have yet to find out if mine is primary or secondary. I thought my feet had peripheral neuropathy from a bad back until the hands. Then I found info on EM.

Wish us all the best.

Hi Alina,

I see that this message is a year old & I hope the burning has subsided. This caught my attention because that is exactly where my EM started. The palms of my hands turn various shades of red and they are ON FIRE. if I’ve started the day normally enough and am out running errands and a flare starts out if nowhere, I start a panic attack and buy a bottle of water from the closest refrigerated machine and hold it. Ahh, Heaven!

If I’m going to a class, I bring a frozen bottle (those short, fat h2o bottles) from my freezer & put it in a pint sized zip lock freezer bag, just in case it leaks and surreptitiously hold it in my palms under the table. No one notices and I get through the class. Best wishes