EM symptoms but only in winter?

Hello! My partner is experiencing severe EM symptoms that came on this winter and last winter but disappeared almost completely in the summer for 6 months. This has been the trend for about 3 years, getting worse each year. We hear that it is unusual to have worse symptoms during cold months and not hot month. Anyone else have this?

We are wondering if this is just ramping up to be a year-long situation or if this clue might help us determine an underlying cause.

For context—his test results and biopsy have all been inconclusive. It’s classic EM symptoms. His doctor thinks it might be Covid related. Prednisone no longer works. He takes gabapentin.

We tried a hot bath last night re:bob’s protocol. I found it interesting that he doesn’t burn in pain when in hot water the way others describe. Maybe he is early enough in his journey that it’s not that painful? Or maybe this is another clue?

Any insights appreciated! Thank you and wishing you all well :heart:

I probably inherited EM but it only got out of control after being on chemo. I always noticed it being worse in the Winter and I blame it on the artificial heat that dries the air. I tried Clobetasol propionate cream last Winter and my feet have been so near normal that I wonder if maybe I’ll be able to wear boots this cold season. I only used the ointment a short time and quit in the Spring. I can’t be absolutely certain that the cream was what worked but it certainly seems so. I’ve also been using a vibrating machine that may or may not help but does seem to help Restless Legs. Seems we all have other issues that make it hard to conclude what works

This is only a hypothesis but there is a possibility that your partner’s circulation is worse during the winter and that’s leading to lower oxygen levels in their tissues which results in worse symptoms. The cold makes it more difficult on blood flow to the extremities.

The hot baths just might be helping to alleviate this condition.