Flare up during sex?

Im very new but i wanted to find out if my pain during sex can be related to EM. Do any other females have this problem? Sometimes i can push through it but most of the time im not able to have sex. I wanted to know if i should let my obgyn know i have EM or if its related at all?
Thank you!

Dearest Koala16,

I am so sorry, bless you. I am so glad that you raised this topic. We tend to avoid subjects of an intimate nature but it is so important we do share this things. Thank you for being brave.

Some of us ladies do suffer pain without sex or/and during sex , and have interstitial cystitis or/and vulvodynia due to EM. Unfortunately EM can be internal as well as external. It can also even affect organs. Some sufferers experience a drying of mucous or mucous type membranes - nose, throat, eyes, vaginally.... even inner ears. I can only say that I have EM internally, and that I know of 3 other ladies like myself with similar problem.

Have attached research paper/info that may be of help. Ill check my library out and send you any more i have in week. Maybe they will help if you take to show your Ob/gyna.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have, and can put you in connect with other women suffering same

God bless


355-InterstitialCystitisandGabapentinDiagnosis.htm (43.9 KB)


Thank you so much. I never want to bring it up to doc and what not but then when my EM started getting worse it dawned on me that they might be connected. i really appreciate your help and any other help you could find for me.

mads you are a wonder with your library of research papers. I will pass these on to my daughter who has just this problem with drying of mucous membranes and the rest



Dear Nel,

Great to see you ;-)

I have quite a lot more on this topic . I shall post them during week.

God bless


I attach some more research for the 'girls'.

Men- the equivalent is recognised as 'red scrotum syndrome'. If any Guys want some stuff on this just say.

God bless


353-52630892PBvulvodynia.pdf (52.9 KB) 354-Managingvulvodynia.docx (14.2 KB)