Found a doctor that actually knows something!

I went to a new rheumatologist to consult on my Spondyloarthritis diagnosis & was so thrilled to discover that he not only knew what EM was, but all about it & different treatment options! He is willing & happy to work beside me to try & bring me relief & possibly get me back to work some day. He is treating another pt.with EM as well.For those of you out there that haven’t found help, don’t give up,…you never know!

So happy that you have a knowledgable doctor. I’ve been so frustrated here in new York trying to find someone to help me with em and neuropathy. Keep us posted as to any suggestions you may get. Good luck!!


Yes .please keep everyone informed and where is this Dr. located. My wife is going to see her Dr. this morning and it is probably a waste of time as he does not know anything about EM.

So happy for you that you have found someone who might be able to help

Please Please keep us posted and inform us on ANY treatment you may find helpful

I feel so very close to giving up...

I echo the glad you found someone who is knowledgeable! Please keep us posted to the treatments.

Where is this doctor?

You have just given a very sad and pain filled person a ray of sunshine!! Please keep us all updated on your treatment!! My wife is burning so bad it breaks my heart. We will be rooting for you!!

She lives in Washington state.

Correen - Thats great news! I hope relief comes your way soon. I see my neuroligist Thursday. I'll find out what my first treatments will be I hope. If I leave there without a plan for treatment I'm going to be soooooo mad. Finally got my diagnosis now I just want to move on.

Dominique and Jodie - Good luck in your search for affective treatment. In the mean time, I hope you find enough in your life worth living for. Sometimes my cat is the only one that keeps me going.

PS Dominique - is your pic from the Cheers in Boston(the one the show was based on)? I grew up in Massachusettes and have been there a few times. It's nothing like the show! It's like 1/16th the size! lol

Where is the Doctor (town). Jim

Thanks for the responses everyone. My husband and I still cannot believe our good fortune, stumbling into this doctor. His name is Dr Philip Mease and he is with Seattle Rheumatology. I really liked the ARNP, Lynn as well (I met with both of them as a team) and the entire staff. They took plenty of time with me and really listened. He knew so much about EM and is planning to work with me until we find something that helps. I am starting Cymbalta 60mg first, and he recommends trying accupuncture in conjunction. If that doesn't work, we move on. He just wanted to make sure I understood that we may have to try many treatments to get something that works, but he will keep working with me if I am willing to keep trying. Ha, what choice do I have!? I will keep you all updated on whats happening. I see him for a f/u next month.

Hello Coreen,

So glad you have found a doctor in the know about EM. I hope together you will find a treatment that works for you. I'll be interestedd to know how the acupuncture goes.


Hi Correen.

I have yet to thank you. I just noticed you are the one who posted about finding dr Mease. It was your post that made me make an appointment with him! Thank you!

I’m so thankful that my post made a difference and led you to Dr. Mease and the other amazing staff!