Freezing Legs

My wife has had or so we think has had EM for the past 18 months( burning hands and feet). Now the problem is her legs are freezing and tingling more than burning (legs only) and she has a lot of pain also in her legs up to her knees. Is this a common problem with the EM or could it be something altogether different. Does anyone experience burning and freezing at the same time? Waiting to hear from anyone THX.

I experience burning and freezing at the same time in both my hands and feet. Does it tend to be persistent more in one side? My development of EM started about a year ago, but at first it was pins and needles hands and feet…which led to numbness, burning etc. When it feels hot I would describe it as being attacked by red antz. When it is cold and numb, I can only compare it to what I think grabbing dry ice might feel like. SEARING COLD. IT turns out I have severe stenosis at c-4-c5 c-6…which may account cor some of The EM pain. I am having neurosurgey to open up this area and hopefully relieve some of the pain. Whether I can contribute all my symotoms to stenosis is something I would find out post op.
Has your wife had an MRI of her spine with contrast? This is pretty standard for working up disorders that oresent with the neuroligical symotoms you describe.

I have peripheral neuropathy and have the burning pain in my feet and shins. The pins and.needles a d shooting pain have been helped by cymbta and gabapentin.
MY hands and feet turn red and mottled but thankfully do not swell. I would suggest getting an emg and nerve conduction test as well. My first two. Came up normal a and had another one yesterday that said neuropathy. The test came tell if symptoms are coming from your back or peripheral nerves. Was wondering is anyone else has been diagnosed with neuropathy as well.