Friendly reminder on the use of Ben's Friends support groups

Hi all,

I have just noticed that some comments on the discussion board go against the rules of Ben's Friends communities. Please remember that this is a support group and we are here to support each other, this involves giving and receiving support. We have to remember to be respectful to other peoples views even if the differ from our own. We also have to take into account that most of us on here are in chronic pain which sometimes blur our judgements on issues and comments can be taken the wrong way. In discussions it's easy to offend somebody without meaning to because we don't have the usual clues that face to face communicating offer, for example the tone at what something is typed may look very different to how the comment is perceived.

I just want to point you to the rules of this community which are situated to the right hand side of all discussions.

Please Be Kind & Use Appropriate Language
Let's Keep it Nice & Clean
1. No Spam
2. No Personal attacks
3. No Offensive content (profanity, sexual references, illegal activity subject matter, pornographic material or photos)
4. No Profanity. Sexual references and illegal activity subject matter are not allowed in the Chat Room.
5. Specific doctor or hospital names mentioned in a negative context, for legal reasons.
6. Please take all political opinions to the appropriate place on the internet.

Specific doctor or hospital names in a positive context are welcome.
Thanks for your cooperation.