Getting alot worse

Hello everyone , im hoping i have done this right.............anyways this started off when i was a child and slowly escalted over the years , i am now ended up with burning sensation all on my legs and redness in my upper legs and waist line , anyone else had or having same problem , i have managed for yrs by myself and now coming a real problem , im wanting to know what kind of doctor dianosis this because my regular doctor looks at me dumb founded ........any advise would be really appreciated , and sorry for ranting :(

Just thought i would add that i have had this practically all my life and im now 46 yrs , never liked my feet warm as a child but first blow attack was at 21yr old and been red at night ever since.

Hi Aurora and wow - you could be speaking of me! I personally don't think you are ranting, so don't worry about that. I would guide you to the dr / health care professional directory to see if there are any doctors available near you who could possibly evaluate you. I have similar issues with my drs and they always try to turn it into a perimenopausal issue. I try to explain that by their logic I would have been perimenopausal since about age 8, but that doesn't really win me any friends. at any rate, there is a genetic test available to rule in or out a diagnosis of primary (heritable) EM vs secondary. I really don't know the specifics regarding sensitivity or specificity though.

I would be sure to take pics though, when you are flaring vs when you are not, so the provider will have some point of comparison for what the flares look like. furthermore, I would suggest you keep a symptom diary which delineates aggravating and mitigating factors regarding flares and pain, including whether things such as aspirin, etc help.

I hope some of this info is beneficial to you. good luck!