Hello, dont really have anything to say about myself but how do u go about getting diagnosis? for this disease beacuse i live in finland and i cant even get a fucking appointment with a doctor , Im so pissed off anxious and in pain this medical care here IS a joke, What can i do?? I have pics and Im sure it is this but no one cares Im really left alone with this …

I know nothing about the healthcare system in Finland, but did just read a page about it. My best suggestion would be to utilize the resources outlined below.

Overview of the Healthcare System in Finland

Primary Healthcare in Finland

Finland is divided into some 450 municipalities. Each municipality is responsible for arranging healthcare for its inhabitants. Primary healthcare is provided by health centres established by a single municipality or jointly by neighbouring municipalities. Municipalities have the right to buy services from other municipalities or from the private sector. Health centre services include medical consultations and provision of dental care, preventive care and environmental healthcare. Health centres run maternity and child health clinics, and arrange school and occupational health services.

Finnish municipalities have switched from a primary healthcare system to a family doctor system. Each family doctor is responsible for about 2,000 patients. The aim is for a patient to be able to contact her or his doctor and have needs for treatment assessed within three working days. This system has proved very successful.

Benefits of long-term treatment relationships include a reduced need for hospital exams and reduced healthcare costs. Outpatient care is also provided by occupational and private healthcare units. Employers are under an obligation to arrange occupational healthcare for employees which can be arranged through municipal health centres or private practitioners. About 4% of Finnish doctors work in occupational healthcare, offering both preventive services and primary healthcare.

Specialist Care

Finland is divided into 20 hospital districts, each providing specialist consultation and care for its population.

Local municipal authorities are responsible for funding specialist treatment for inhabitants of their areas. Each hospital district has a central hospital with departments for main specialties. Finland has five university hospitals. These provide the most advanced medical care, including highly specialised surgery and treatment for rare diseases. The university hospitals are also mainly responsible for the clinical training of medical students, and for medical research. In comparison with the situation in other countries, the number of hospital beds in Finland is fairly high.

Hey, Thanks man means alot.

Helpperino, welcome to the community. I’m Seenie, and I’m one of the people here who visits every community on a regular basis. I can tell you that your experience and your frustration is by no means unique or confined to Finland. When you have a rare disease or condition it’s almost always difficult, no matter the system or the disease, to find someone who recognizes what you have and knows how to best treat your problem. This is one of the most common problems and sources of discussion on our network. You are definitely not alone in this! As you get to know your fellow members and you share experiences, you will work out a way to find your way through the system that you have to work with.

Keep talking, discussing and supporting your fellow members, and things will improve for you. They usually do.


Hello Anton,

I’m so sorry you have this horrible condition. It is not easy!

In the US, the usual doctors that diagnose and/or treat EM are rheumatologists, neurologists, pain specialists, and sometimes vascular specialists.

I was diagnosed by a vascular specialist, but then he said he couldn’t help me! My pain specialist tried everything he knew, but none of it helped. My rheumatologist just said, “I’m so sorry you have this horrible disease.” My neurologist has been working with me for almost three years, trying different medicines. Most of them haven’t worked much. You will find that no two people seem to respond to the medicines in the same way. It’s all trial and error.

Probably, you will need to visit your primary care doctor and have him refer you to the specialists. Good luck!

Also, read everything you can find about the disease so you can show it to your doctor. Definitely bring the photos. Sometimes they need convincing!

Hey , Thanks everyone for the replies i appreciate it :slight_smile: