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Hi all

I live in New Zealand and am currently working in Istanbul (which can get hot!)

I picked up a burning feet issue about 6 months ago and the docs at home all think its a fungal disease. Yet No anti-fungal treatment is helping! It’s a major problem for me as I can’t wear socks n shoes but have to go to large outdoor factories and walk around in the sun. Much on this site has resonated with me - thankyou!

Any suggestions on connecting with fellow kiwi’s with an end goal to gain a proper diagnosis? Willing to travel if there is a specialist somewhere as life is tough right now and my EM journey is just starting…. Kind regards to you all! Derek

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Hi, Allan here from Tauranga NZ.
More information please, is it worse at night?
Have you had any sports injuries in feet?
Does swimming help?
Is it only feet or also face or hands?
Sorry to be so blunt and you don’t have to answer this, but are you normal weight for height ?
I don’t know of any specialist in NZ for EM and you may have more success finding one in Turkey with the larger size country.
All the best,

Hi Allan again, I am very busy for next few days but as an interim first aid treatment I would suggest warm water foot soaks with a sprinkling of epsom salts ( magnesium chloride) Warm water as ironically cold water can exacerbate, see more information on this site by using search engine up top right side of the page.
I presume you are finding it difficult to sleep ?
Would you be able to use alternative shoes or sandals? It is vital these are correct size and comfortable. If sandals are not culturally acceptable for your job then maybe a short initial explanation to staff may suffice.
All the best,

Try Professor Sevin Ozdamer,
Hacattepe University Hospitals,
Hacattepe Mh,
Ph 093123055000
Fax 09 3123055000

This from Erythromelalgia Association website,

All the best,

Hi Allan

Thanks for reaching out to me – much appreciated sir!

I have added some replies below in red

Kind regards

Derek from Nelson!

Thanks again Allan.

Im flying out of Istanbul on Friday night so looking forward to cooler weather and floors…

Sleeping okay thanks.

Warm water is an odd one…! Worth a try. I did the capsicum cream thing over here on the weekend and it was a massive mistake lol

Yes, I am wearing scuffs and no socks where I can. Shoes on for meetings only.

Great advice – thank you again.

I am including my wife in these comms also.



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Wow that’s great thanks Allan.

Our distributor lives in Ankara so next trip over I can go there first hopefully.

Excuse my rudeness – how long have you been dealing with this and how were you diagnosed? I hope all is going okay for you

Kind regards


Derek I feel stupid and embarrassed but I have only just discovered the Erythromelalgia association Physician web site whilst trying to help you. So I put in Turkey and found that specialist. I have only just thought maybe they have some recommendations for New Zealand and Wow they do. Have a look for yourself. Auckland, Wellington, South Island as well. No idea how much they know etc. All the best. Had mine for years but waiting for orthopaedic appointment as I have an old sports injury which I think inflames my feet?? Diagnosis is by process of elimination and some luck? Mine through Tauranga hospital by rheumatologist by email, he has never actually seen my feet. Take care Allan

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Hey that’s great thanks Allan. Much to research and I appreciate the heads up!

Kind regards

Derek that is great you can sleep and makes me wonder if you have EM, but I hope you mean you can sleep unassisted by alcohol etc.
I could not see the replies in red that you indicated.
If I don’t get back to you in a few days it is just because I will be quite busy with farm etc.
Interesting that when I helped you I got helped. It is when you give that you truly receive.

Hi Derek, hope you are doing ok. Important that the scuffs are not too hard but have a soft very comfortable sole, same with shoes.
We will get on top of all this
Hang in there. Allan

Hi Derek
I was (finally) diagnosed by a Neurologist…
After having symptoms for over 10 years and my Primary Care doc ignoring it.
They believe it is a direct result of Essential Thrombocythemia. It’s easier for you to
Look up than for me to try to explain it here! :). All this to say I believe a Neurologist is very qualified to make this call and to treat it as well.
Best of luck to you! Keep us posted!