Hot and cold

Hi everyone, was just wondering, besides EM obvious areas and EM obvious symptoms how people react to hot and cold.

My body as a whole, if I get warm it’s OTT warm, the sweats dripping from me like I’m in a shower, I feel suffocated, I could have no clothes on and still be this OTT warm. Then when my body as a whole is cold, it’s as if I’m outside… In snow… In underwear I’m that cold! And can’t heat up, I’m shivering were as the people around me are not too bad? But yet I’m nearly crying with how cold i am! Tho through this, my feet are on fire!! I get this all the time now and it’s really bugging me! Does anyone else get this?

Also noticed a pattern (I don’t get EM flare ups in feet btw, my EM is constant more or less) between midnight and onwards I really overheat… Going to bed, sleeping and first few hours of being up I’m below freezing! Even if here in Scotland were lucky to (ever) get a bit of sun while my feet are on fire, I’m feeling chilly!! It’s honestly far too (annoying), strange.

I know exactly what you are saying. If I am cold, I am SERIOUSLY cold. I cannot warm up, yet my feet never seem to cool down unless I elevate them. I also get warm at night. I am usually cold when I go to bed, but by 2am I am waking up in sweat. You're right; it's very annoying!