HOTDESK: The latest in pain research news October 2014

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Here is a summary of the best pain research updates for October issue of 'HOTDESK'.

Many pharmacies prohibit hydrocodone refills

Turn off pain with help of a virus

Brain abnormalities found in chronic fatigue syndrome

Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Safe and Effective For Relief of Intractable Chronic Pain

Studying neuropathic pain st a snails pace

New study on primary and referred pain

Chronic pains sapping of motivation

Many RA patients skip medication

Pain matters

Drugwar facts

How do you feel?

Animal therapy reduces need for pain meds

Signs you have too much cortisol

Advocacy 101: In the face of pain.


Thank you! This is an excellent resource!

Thank you thank you! There is a lot of great and different than the norm info on managing pain.
Definitely worth the read :slight_smile: