How We Live ! Features such headlines as " Museum Danger ,Consider Yourselves Warned"


I’d like to add to the complexities of yout thong thong and rubber observations. that if one someone should find themselves an 'American in Australia’do not refer to your fanny pack as such or people will fall about laughing in that funny childlike manner that is usually reserved by small boys about fart jokes. It’s not s fanny pack here, it’s a bum bag.

And tiz, I can’t Drink tea anymore as it contains very high salicylates and a cup or two will cause an EM flare. So now I am a coffee convert ( not quite as high in salicylates) and love my coffee. But I usually go for iced coffee. In fact, in summer I make a jug of it every couple of days. We find our pleasures where we can.


I love the way this forum educates me.

I dint want to cast aspersions but I have flown up and down bits of your east coast many times as my daughter and family searched for some part if Australia where they could be happy to settle (hasn’t happened yet) and I did begin to wonder of the pilots were running some sort of competition to see how close to the end of the runway they could get before applying the brakes!
Have fun in Melbourne.