I have a question regarding Nifedapine and EM

I have primary Raynuad's and was put on Nifedapine early last year... not a problem I hear you say. I had the early side effects in the 1st 4 weeks of taking it but carried on and they disappeared... sorted..... the flare ups reduced and became controlable... YAY for Nifedapine.

Late last year I started having sun burn like symptons on my legs, didnt think anything of it because it was so few and far between but by November they were occuring daily and not just the legs but on the arms as well. So I posted on another site to see if anyone else had experianced simular problems and a lovely lady suggested that I might have Erythomelagia. So I spoke to my doctor about it.. went for blood tests and nothing ever came of it.

Anyway 6 months down the line the flare ups were getting worse and worse... now effecting my face as well as arms legs feet and knees, so off back down to the doc's I went and saw the doc who diagnoised me with Raynaud's.
While I was in her room i started going red on my face, legs started flaring up as well and feet went puffy.. she immediately said I think you have Eyrthomelagia. ok I said and then promptely produced everything I had researched on the condition for her like the TEA web site had said. I also showed her photos that I had taken over the course of the months.

She pulled up her own research and together went through the whole lot and decided I plonk me on asprin while I waited for a dermy appointment to come through.

Anyways... on friday i saw the dermy..... waited 2 hours after my appointment time only to be rushed in and out after the consultant had a look at my skin going "hmmmmmmm ok hmmmmm ok well I dont think you have Eyrthomelagia as I have seen lots of cases of this condition and is a shame you are not having a flare up now so I can see for myself".

At this point I almost said well if I had been seen on time you would have seen a great show of redness and mistook it as sunburn matey ( I had a huge flare up while sat in the waiting room)
he then stated that he thinks it is the Nifedapine that is causing the small blood vessels to dilate too much causing the redness and pain in the joints that I get.. therefore mimicing
EM and sent me back downstairs to have another blood test and discharged me from dermy. I was in and out in 10 mins and that included the blood test.

I am due to see my own GP in a couple of weeks time as she is now on annual leave.

My question basically is has anyone else had this problem or even heard of a drug mimicing the signs and symptoms of Em?