I hope my experiences can help others to ease the pain

Halloo everybody, i am a new member of this group.

I want to share my experiences about this EM. First of all sorry if my english a little bit bad hahaha.

I suffered this situation 3 times in my life and i know the name of this pain is EM just 4 days ago. I got this pain when i was 9 years old, 21 years old, and now when i am 33 years old.

Every time my hand or my feet got attacked by this EM, the first thing i must to do is do physicall exercises with high heart rate ratio to make my blood stream going faster.

I knew this is sounds qrazy because the pain, the itch make us hard to walk or do something physical exercise.

I fought this pain since i was a kid. And i don't want to surrender to this situation so i force myself to do something untill i found this way.

Sometime when i did the exercise, i can fell something hot running in my blood stream, and this can make your muscle feel "fatique". My suggestion is "don't stop". After a while the musle will back to normal again and i can ease the pain and minimize the area that has been attacked by this EM.

The best sport to do for me is cycling, because my feet doesn't bounce to the floor so the pain is not killing me, and i keep cycling for 1 - 1,5 hour in 70% heart rate maksimum .

So every time this EM attack, i do cycling everyday so i can minimize area that this EM can attack. until today, i just cycled for 1,5 hours, burn 800 calories, lift up my mentality, and make me happy. And now the area that attacked by EM in my feet and my hand never larger than 3 cm each.

I don't know this way just a coincidence or just work for me, but i hope my way can work too for other people.

And for the doctor or analyzer who read my discussion, please tell me why it works for me and what the cure of this EM.

Thanks everyone, have a nice day