I'm currently working on my EM

Pretty bold statement right? Well I think it's true and I'll be posting a paper when I see more, but here is the reader's digest version.

I've had EM since '90 and a few years ago the neurologist showed me a list of things that can cause neuropathy in general. Most things on the list are not even things that I know what they are. So I thought, I'll just have to dodge everything that does not belong in my body.

My diet is not limited to natural foods, it's limited to healthy foods. My animal fat intake is extremely limited, I take supplements, and get b-12 shots. A B-12 deficiency can also contribute to neuropathy. No boxes and no cans, if it doesn't look like it grew in the ground, I don't eat it. I stopped poising myself. I'm letting my body heal itself just like it knows how to do.

In May I was lying in bed, not eating because the pain was too great to get out of bed, which is the same reason I didn't kill myself. I did the pill protocol for 4 years ending with morphine which did not work either. Now I exercise every day. I'm still in a wheelchair most of the time but I may be a little chicken to go someplace without it. but I'm mobile again and I am walking nearly every day with only mild pain, I know when to stop. I lost 70 pounds, to bad it wasn't just fat. I'm currently working on core strength.

I quit alcohol over 2 years before I felt any relief, (was a big drinker), the other things that I do for my health/disease, I have added since then. Two years!

This May was my worst month ever. Today I feel better than I have in about, say...5 years? what you may need to quit depend on what country you are in. For instance, I can't drink the milk, can't see bovine growth hormone as being beneficial to reducing neuropathy pain. GMO wheat anyone?

gtg, gotta get my 5 miles in today.

I was also told by my Neuro that I had a B-12 deficiency so I also take supplements, I also found that Magnesium has helped somewhat with the flareups. I have been on gabapentin for a year now but don't hink it helps, I'm considering stopping because i have gained over 35 pounds !!! The pain does get so bad that dying seems the only answer...I carry on beacause of my family

I gained weight on the gab also but I suggest you finish the protocol so that you can scratch it off the list though. I don't have a family anymore so I have no idea why I'm still here, but now I finally have hope.