Imipramine? (Tofranil)

Has anyone tried Imipramine? This is the recent treatment my doctor is trying me on. i pick it up today. Was supposed to try calcium channel blockers but I have low blood pressure and the calcium channel blockers cause swelling of the legs and we are trying to prevent that to begin with because the doc thinks i might have a blood clot in my right leg.

so far this med hasn't helped with the pain, but i think i am sleeping a lil better. haven't heard back about the possible blood clot yet......

Hello, My 6 year old daughter has just been diagnosed today, she has been on Tofranil since March this year and it hasnt worked, she is now on Apo-Gabapentin, Im hoping this new med works for her, I have no idea about this condition and have just started searching the internet for info.