Implanation case study

Just found this yesterday.

if you click the pdf button you can read it more clearly

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Thank you for posting this! I’m going to try to contact the NANS to find out if this is something that I could try to have performed. If you hear anything more about this I would appreciate you posting it. I’ve had it for 16 yrs & each year it progresses. Now I am in a wheelchair. I really need help if it’s out there. Thanks, again.

I tried lidocaine therapy but the pain clinic did not know I had EM even though I had the pictures and symptoms. But he said you have “crazy” pain. Ok. Now I am diagnosed with EM. But I had the lidocaine therapy one day a month for two months. The relief in my hands was great but short lived. Within a few days full return. We tried again. Same thing. So it did work for the pain in the hands but I cannot say if the redness was gone because at that time I didn’t know I had EM. But it was short lived. This is interesting. Interesting read, thank you for posting. Keeping in my research.